Junk By Melvin Burgess

Junk by Melvin Burgess.

This book was written in 1996 and it created quite a buzz during that time whilst blaming Burgess to write a book about junkies and drugs and trying to spoil the readers.

But these were the reviews only from the people who just the book by its cover and not by the ones who read.

The book revolves around two kids – Tar aka David and Gemma – who run away from home to get rid of their home troubles and their journey from being lost at the age of fourteen to the time where they are nineteen. The story flows with the number of people they meet and made friends with and how each person made an influence in their life. This book has a perspective of a lot of people who play an important role in the story of Tar and Gemma.

The times and the generations have changed quite a bit but we see junkies just as you will read in this book.
It shows the real world and how some kids actually have a reason to leave home and start anew but some just want to run away from the smallest troubles they are having at home.
The story tells us that in your path of life, you may find people and how you take them in your life is your outlook – good or bad. Some may just be looking out for you whilst some just want you to have fun and everyone has a different perspective to what life is to them but all you have to remember is to have your ideas set and drilled in you and not let that change.
Being on drugs is shown very intricately yet delicately and how much efforts does it take for people to just come off it.

I absolutely love the books except for some parts where it was too many drugs to even read and handle but in all, it was a good read and a very good storyline.

History is all you left me – Adam Silvera

History is all you left me – Adam S

This book is all about how a person grieves when they lose someone they love and how they go through and cope up with the pain and the feeling of loss.

It’s a story about Griff, who losses his best friend/ Ex boyfriend – Theo and he tries keeping him a part of his life even though he is dead.

The book reaches some dry spells in between cause of which I stopped reading it for a day or two but then when I got to the part of him coping up with the people around him. It was all good.

I understand that a person’s death may leave you hanging in ways you can never imagine and coping is difficult and accepting the fact that you may never see that person again breaks your heart and that is what is said all along.

The rest is for you to read.

Hit me up if you’d like to discuss about this book.

Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi

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    Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi .

    This story clearly talks about every other guy in the country trying to keep up with the Indian society shit and alongside being western yet Indian in the roots.

    The author brings the same old story about owning a big car, a luxury apartment with high paid salaries is the key to happiness to an end! He proves it wrong and helps the reader understand with his characters that it’s okay to quit a job or get fired and find your ‘calling’.

    I’m sure a lot of us read the book and related to the characters at one point or another. If you haven’t read it yet, Please do and let me know in the comment section below if you related to them.

    The book has a simplistic yet funny way to connect with in every simple thing in life that we usually overlook and ignore. Here we have a laugh about it and a pretty loud one.

    Stars – 4/5

    Sweet Trouble by Susan Mallery

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      Sweet Trouble – Susan

      This is the 3rd book of the baking sister series but being honest, this is the only one I read.

      After a long time, I picked up a romance novel and I’m glad that I picked this one. It was the first time, I read any Mills&Boon Series and I’m in love with it.

      When I read the blurb, I thought it would be the same old story scene from every book but it proved me wrong in some ways.

      The book weaved around the characters and the other smartly yet subtly changed the perspective from character to character and it wasn’t confusing or difficult to catch up on.

      I loved every part of it from the start to the end and all I could wish was is for a new part for the same.

      The author brought the good and the bad in both the main characters which made me develop a love-hate relationship.

      It was in all a good read if you want to start with Mills&Boon.

      Stars – 3.5/5

      Those pricey thakur girls – Anuja Chauhan

      Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan

      A wittingly well-written book

      This was my first of Anuja Chauhan and I can’t deny the fact that I’m swooned and I loved every detail the book had to give to us. The storyline and the character sketch is on point.

      Every character is quirkier than the other and has their own story to be the way they are. The story takes place at a house in a posh area in New Delhi and the family drama is full of package including arguments, romance, fights, misunderstanding and so much more.

      The story revolves around the five daughters (named alphabetically) of a retired judge and his wife. Each daughter has their backstory and the way it flows, linking each situation with other and weaved this beautiful story.

      Debjani aka Dabbu, the 4th daughter is one of the main focus of the book and her romance with Dylan (A journalist) who is engrossed in penning down the real story of the Sikh riots (it is set after Indira Gandhi’s assassination) and how everything around them, sabotages their chances of love.




      Every summer has a story.

      The fall whispers a goodbye with the wind,

      The ocean calls out with its breezy waves whilst I waited for the sun to kiss goodbye to it every day

      I breathe in the ocean & the sand fills the gap in between my toes.

      My mind surfs on the waves that hit the shore however the words from the book in my hand engulf me completely…

      It’s April now, the spring is finally here and the ocean still keeps me cool but today I don’t wait for the sun to kiss goodbye for its time the flowers shower upon us and the world to fill it with color and the April scent.

      Santa Claus

      Dear Santa,

      I hope you get me a letter from the 25-year-old me so that I know Where to go, What to expect and How to go about my life.

      No gift of yours other than this would help me! I guess but what would I know.

      You will know better.

      So please don’t forget me and get me something.

      Maybe Beast’s Library?


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      You came like a storm in my life.  Slowly and silently. The silence before you killed me but then you finally arrived.  You engulfed me from head to toes in your tornado. You were all I could see.  You were all I ever wanted to see just like I was all you wanted to engross. May be we had too much of each other.
      We needed to see the emptiness we had without one another.  So you left.

      Everything around me was shattered, my attention was distorted.  I had no one to engulf me with his whole world. You had no one to engross and cover from the world, someone who you could call your own. Your tornado felt hollow as it ached for me.  Just like I ached to be engulfed in you.

      Maybe that’s why,  this is your cue to come back and fix the world around me and let everything fall into the puzzle so that it makes a perfect fairytale


      For those who don't believe in magic will never find it, Look for magic in your daily routine and capture the true essence along the abstracts of the mystical beings around you. Don’t let your lens get blur, for its your only path to capture the fascinating illusions cause memories are your only solace to hold on to magical entities.Show the world that magic exists in the eyes of the beholder.