You came like a storm in my life.  Slowly and silently. The silence before you killed me but then you finally arrived.  You engulfed me from head to toes in your tornado. You were all I could see.  You were all I ever wanted to see just like I was all you wanted to engross. May be we had too much of each other.
We needed to see the emptiness we had without one another.  So you left.

Everything around me was shattered, my attention was distorted.  I had no one to engulf me with his whole world. You had no one to engross and cover from the world, someone who you could call your own. Your tornado felt hollow as it ached for me.  Just like I ached to be engulfed in you.

Maybe that’s why,  this is your cue to come back and fix the world around me and let everything fall into the puzzle so that it makes a perfect fairytale


For those who don't believe in magic will never find it, Look for magic in your daily routine and capture the true essence along the abstracts of the mystical beings around you. Don’t let your lens get blur, for its your only path to capture the fascinating illusions cause memories are your only solace to hold on to magical entities.Show the world that magic exists in the eyes of the beholder.